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The Xenophobia in South Africa

The ongoing violence in South Africa, in which locals are attacking migrants residing in the country is an indictment against the government of Thabo Mbeki. The violence seems to be well co-ordinated, which means the situation has just come to a head. Perhaps the hostilities have been brewing over a long time. It is not new to hear of attacks on foreigners, especially Nigerians. Apart from this crisis, the country has a reputation of having the worse record of violent crime in the world. In a situation where unemployment is very high, this is not a suprise at all. After apertheid, there has been no deliberate efforts at ensuring equitable distribution of wealth among the black population. I feel the people are frustrated as a result of their poverty-stricken condition and they feel, if not for the migrants, the little job opportunities available would have been sufficient for them. My opinion is that, condemnable as their action is, it is excusable. I do not think Mr Mbeki has given enough to the people in terms of economic empowerment, and they have in turn directed their anger at the wrong people. Their notion might be that jobs are available, only that they are been taken over by migrant workers. The response of the government has been slow and so far ineffective.

The Burma disaster

The response of the military authorities in power in Burma, to the disaster that rocked the nation is shocking and appaling. Their refusal to grant access to the hapless civilians, by foreign aid workers is in itself more tragic than the cyclone. Their action cannot be justified under whatever reasons. Weeks after the incedence, they watched thousands die needlessly. It beats my imagination to come to terms with such an action, by a government that knew very well the extent of the disaster and too, that they do not have the capacity to deal with the situation. I feel the regime has a lot to hide from the world about how they rule the country. Granting the world access to the country would let it to see the terrible condition of their people, hence their resolve to keep it secret, even at the expense of thousands of lives. The world should not let the government go free with such an action. It constitutes a gross violation of the rights of the people to life and should be considered as a crime against humanity.

I Grieve with China.

I wish to express my sympathy to the government and people of China over the loss of lives and property in the earth quake that rocked the nation. It pains to imagine the level of destruction and the pains the victims and entire population of China are going through. I highly commend the quick response of the government to the crisis.

This giving

One powerful secret many have failed to acknowledge or appreciate is that of giving. A lot of people feel when you give, you less your portion. What a wrong conception! Life is a give-and-take business. We live to take from life every day. It is only fair for us to also give-fairly, too. When you give-with the right motive(giving out of love, without expecting anything in return), you will find more satisfaction and will reap a lot more in return. Someone said that ‘give your best to the world, and the best will return to you’ I have found it to be absolutely true. We can make a better world if we all give to one another. THere is love in sharing, and love is the best of gifts, virtues and possesions a human needs. Give, for a better future for the beneficiary and you.

Why can’t we just love and cherish one another?

Why can’t we all just choose to love and cherish one another? No human can live alone. I live because others too are living, as I depend on many people, including those i do not know and whom I will never even meet throughout my life time. Why then do we hate, disdain, resent and despise others as though we made ourselves and do not need others? Even nations depend on others. To love is lovely. Why can’t we love others, make them happy and find happiness in them for ourselves?

What’s happening to the world?

Across the globe, food prices are soaring, the price of crude oil too is on the fast rise, just as terrorism is competing to out pace the two. The economy of the US is facing an imminent recession. These times are hard for humanity. In Africa, the issues of democracy, good governance, transparency in government etc are still topics of deep concern. This times are very trying. Is the world heading to another era of depression? What about global warming and its attendant consequences on the world climate. The confussion as to how to tackle the issue is very worrisome. The scarcity of food is already causing apprehensions around the world, and the pointer is quite dangerous as well. How will our leaders deal with these many concerns?


The Zimbabwe election saga is getting more dramatic. Mr. Kofi Annan should be getting ready to make yet another mediation trip to Zimbabwe. It is clear that Mugabe is not ready to relinquish power. From all indications, he lost in the presidential poll. So unfortunate he may drag the nation into a state of chaos and bloodshed as witnessed in Kenya.